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Budgeting is getting better

February 17th, 2007 at 04:44 am

We kinda got a little budget going. It is not how I wanted it but it works little for us.

Now trying to get my DH to be frugal is what is not letting the budget work. I posted about it. Any ideas would be helpful. Now that I am having work issues we are going to be on one income for awhile so I have to be real frugal.

Other news..

**I turn 21 on Monday ( No saving money there lol) I love that my rents live with me free sitters!

**Hoping to get on a coupon train *fingers crossed*

**Plus we are looking into a few businesses to start (lol great way to save money right?) A couple is very low start up, one is no start up at all. Maybe if we had more money he would be more frugal? Who knows.

Also I got a 4 check for doing a survey and I put it in savings! Only 996 dollars to go.