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Budgeting is getting better

February 17th, 2007 at 04:44 am

We kinda got a little budget going. It is not how I wanted it but it works little for us.

Now trying to get my DH to be frugal is what is not letting the budget work. I posted about it. Any ideas would be helpful. Now that I am having work issues we are going to be on one income for awhile so I have to be real frugal.

Other news..

**I turn 21 on Monday ( No saving money there lol) I love that my rents live with me free sitters!

**Hoping to get on a coupon train *fingers crossed*

**Plus we are looking into a few businesses to start (lol great way to save money right?) A couple is very low start up, one is no start up at all. Maybe if we had more money he would be more frugal? Who knows.

Also I got a 4 check for doing a survey and I put it in savings! Only 996 dollars to go.

3 Responses to “Budgeting is getting better”

  1. Money Saving Army Wife Says:

    Have you thought about switching to a cash only system? That way you each get the cash you need for meals, clothes etc and then when it's gone, it's gone. We started using the cash only envelope system and it has made staying on a budget SO much easier. You can even get one of those inexpensive coupon folders to divide out the sections for groceries, clothes, eating out etc and label them. They're usually less than $2.00. And give it time, usually a budget takes at least 3 months to work itself out because it's hard to determine how much should go in each category. Even then it might still need some tweaking. You're doing a great job!

  2. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Don't give up - and even if your husband does start taking care of the bills as you said in the forums, I don't want you to forget about setting some money aside for your future retirement. It's very important. Don't forget to take care of you!! Smile
    Hope your birthday is fun!!

  3. SicilyYoder Says:

    Just some ideas, from an x-Amish gal, have you thought about cloth diapers? You only have to buy them once and you can wash & reuse. Do you have a Wal-Mart nearby? I can also pass on my recipes.

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